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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for newlyweds. They make promises to each other that they will stay together forever. What better way to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding than with a beautiful wedding cake for the newlyweds. People have been celebrating marriages with a unique cake from time immemorial. Dinner is traditionally served before the wedding cakes are presented. Historically, wedding cakes were designed to offer good fortune to the newlyweds and their guests, and this tradition continues today. One of the most popular wedding gifts is a cake, which is among the most beautiful goods available. As a new beginning, treat them to something nice. The cake is commonly displayed and served to guests during receptions in modern culture. The wedding ceremony would not be complete without them as the focal point. We have a gorgeous assortment of wedding cakes on our website, and they are as follows:


Cake with a Floral Design:

Flowers represent all of these things and more. Gifts like this are perfect for any celebration. As a result, our cake designers have created cakes with flower designs that are just stunning. A floral-decorated white, pink, or other pastel-colored cake makes a striking statement. This flowery designer cake is a perfect way to brighten up the wedding day of a newlywed couple.


Couples getting married may want to consider ordering a photo cake as one of their wedding dessert options. Send us an image of you and your partner from your pre-wedding photo shoot, and we’ll put it on the cake. Imagine the joy and delight the happy couple would feel if they saw this cake on their wedding day!


Tier Cake:

The traditional wedding cake is a tier cake. Our online cake shop offers two-, three-, four-, and five-tier cakes. Atop many cakes, a loving pair prop can be found. They will simply add to the atmosphere of love and romance.


For a wedding,

we provide a variety of decorated cream cakes, such as the one pictured. Some are heart-shaped, while others use chocolates in the shape of hearts as an embellishment. Some fondant-covered cakes feature adoring ducks, while others feature romantic sentiments etched in cream. Explore them thoroughly and get wedding cakes online.


For the most part,

you’ll witness unique cake designs made of fondant. This style of cake usually has a wider range of designs to choose from. So, you can get a cake with the couple’s names on it, or you can go with a dancing couple cake.


They come in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to vanilla to red velvet to pineapple to butterscotch and caramel. Those couples whose marriage ceremonies you will be unable to attend should be sent wedding cakes via the internet.


Anywhere in Jhapa, you may order wedding cakes and get them delivered without any hassle.

A trust called Ganapati Bakers goes by this name. Our 10-year history in the baking sector serves as a testament to our success. Visit our website to get wedding cakes in a wide variety of flavors, including pineapple cakes and the traditional chocolate cake, for any occasion. So, if you’re having a wedding, you can have our wedding cake. Above, we’ve included all of the most popular cake varieties and tastes. Our same-day, midnight, next-day, express, and normal time delivery services allow you to order wedding cakes online. It’s one of our strongest selling points because we’re able to deliver these wonderful wedding cakes to any of the places in Jhapa that we service. You may be sure that the couple will appreciate your gift because the cake is one of the most popular wedding gifts. You can also get wedding flowers from our website and make the bride and groom feel extra special.

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